About Us

AAA import export corp. is a company that focuses on bringing in quality products into the country but not limited to freight forwarding and logistics by providing affordable dinnerware and kitchenware to the local consuming public.

AAA has products that are meticulously sourced by our team from across the globe. we aim to create a company that has strong brands under its wing on offer, with a unique end-to-end business solution from manufacturing, importation, freight forwarding, logistics, trucking/transportation, marketing, distribution, and trade consignment/sales under one roof.

It creates an environment where brand quality and affordability is a probability so few companies can achieve in the industry – a feat that happens every day at AAA.

All this did not happen overnight. just like any strong company with a solid foundation, aaa started out as a small company trading in dinnerware, founded by the husband and wife team of mr arthur tan and mrs sally tan back in 1993.

From there the company grew from leaps and bounds, introducing the bear aluminum line of cookware by 1998 and the urrutia brand of stoneware in the same year. come year 2000 the company introduced its own line of melamine ware into the local market. then expanded into davao in 2011, made a strategic investment into babyzone ph in 2016 and opening a branch/warehouse in cebu the same year. this gave the company a foothold in the visayas region and the mindanao region as well, covering the whole country.

It is an exciting time for AAA as we continue to grow. we strive to remain as adoptable, motivated, and responsive to our employees as we are to our customers. we pride ourselves as being “employee-focused” as well as “customer-focused”, relevant, and open to new ideas.

Our company is confronting a time of many changes. the import and export business, along with our other emerging business thrusts, is an exciting area in which to be in, and we will continue to strive to ensure our company remains on the cutting edge of product innovation and market demand.

we are continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to perform, innovate and deliver. our employees and partners have been consistent in meeting the challenges of our business and

excel despite setbacks. we are very proud of where we are and excited about where we are headed.


Arthur Tan


Paul Shi